Page 1: About The Value of Play in HE

What's the survey for?

This survey is being conducted as part of scholarship supported by The Imagination Foundation Laboratory. Its purpose is to gather information as far across the globe as possible on experiences and perceptions of play-based/playful approaches in higher education teaching. Higher education here means study in universities and other provider institutions offering degree level qualifications, including work based learning, degree apprenticeships and equivalent forms of advanced learning. 

The project is underpinned by, and seeks to explore further

  • the extent to which play and playfulness are being used as pedagogic tools in higher education courses
  • a special focus on the use of play for the teaching of management concepts and theories.
  • perceptions of value related to play and adult learning, using Brian Sutton Smith's Seven Rhetorics of Play as points for comparison and debate.

For information about the nature of this research, please click here to read the Project Information sheet .



Who can participate?

Anyone who is using play-based approaches for teaching, research or in support of student learning in higher education can respond. 

How will you use and keep my data?


It is important that you understand how your data will be collected, stored and used. To find out more please click here to read the Ethical Considerations sheet. This includes a full privacy statement.

Other information about the project, the researcher and the sponsor can  all be found here


I consent to participating in The Value of Play in HE survey and understand that

-my participation is entirely voluntary

- I am free to withdraw from the project and request that my individual data be erased at any point in time

-I have been given the opportunity to read and understand the privacy statement at the end of the Ethical Considerations sheet

- I am agreeing to my information being collected, stored and processed as described in the Project Information and Ethical Considerations sheets

- I will not be named or identified in any output resulting from this survey

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